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BELBROUGHTON HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY Founded 1961 Affiliated to The RHS Chairman Mr Alan Starling 07858 576532 Secretary Mrs Gill Barber (01562) 730983 Email (new email) Web Meetings for 2020 Meet at Belbroughton Church Hall 7.30pm New members welcome; first monthly meeting visit free Dear Parishioners, While we are in lockdown and the weather is bad during the winter perhaps the garden is the last thing on our minds right now. Hopefully March will bring an early spring and we can begin to think about turning our attention to our gardening and getting out! Yay!! We haven’t had a meeting of the society for over a year now and at the beginning of this pandemic nobody could have predicted that we would still be battling it 12 months later. It looks like being a while longer yet before we can think about meeting again and this will only be when its safe to do so. In the meantime, chin up...Stay safe Best wishes to you all Alan. Alan Starling BHS Chairman All meetings currently cancelled due to COVID-19 until further notice