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Belbroughton Horticultural Society Meetings for 2019 January 18th Members Evening - Various talks and slides presented by BHS Members Monthly Show 1.  Any Flower 2.  Any Vegetable February 15th Not Everyone Likes Them, But Grasses are Great - Carol Smith Monthly Show 1.  A Pot Plant 2.  A Decorated Cup Cake March 15th Never Work with Children or Animals - Alan Peace Monthly Show 1.  Daffodil - 1 Single 2.  Daffodil - 1 Double (Max 3 entries!) April 5th (NB first Friday) SPRING SHOW Photo classes: “Birds in my garden” and “April Flowers” April 26th (NB 4th Friday) Joint meeting with Clent Club May 17th French Alps - Samantha Hope June evening visit (details to follows) July 26th Cheese and Wine evening 7.30pm Belbroughton Cricket Club August 31st (Saturday) 58th ANNUAL SHOW Belbroughton Church and Church Hall September 20th Many Hats - John Guest Monthly Show 1.  Two sunflower heads (seed supplied) 2.  Vase of mixed flowers from your garden October 18th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Monthly Competition: 1.  Anyi flower 2.  Any vegetable 3.  Any fruit 4.  Any pot plant Plus Members bring and buy sale November 15th Butterflies in Britain - Roger Umpleby Monthly Competition: 1.  Photo “Unusual Weather” 2.  Five mince pies December 13th 7.30pm (Second Friday) CHRISTMAS SUPPER