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Churches of Belbroughton & Fairfield
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The Team
Curate in Charge Belbroughton & Fairfield Interim Associate Priest: Revd Canon Wyn Beynon BELBROUGHTON CHURCHWARDEN Mr Glynn Ashman 01562 730122 Pro Warden Mr John Penlington 01562 730888 Guild of Ringers Tower Captain Mrs Rosie Marshall 01562 730535 Belbroughton & Fairfield Parish Council Clerk 01299 270722 Bookings Secretary for Church Hall Bookings Secretary for Rec. Centre Mr Andy Finnie 07970 957838 FAIRFIELD CHURCHWARDENS contact Belbroughton Church Wardens above PRO-WARDENS vacant
LICENSED LAY MINISTER From Clent: Alison Lewis
Welcome to our sister churches: Website: St Peter, Broome Church Warden: vacant St James the Great, Churchill Church Warden: Mrs Angela Stockley-von Statzer 07881 647005 St James the Great, Blakedown Church Warden: Mr Andrew Yardley 01562 700393 Mrs Mary Macdiarmid